Sports Hydrant

About Us

The Sports Hydrant is a marketing promotions and event business specialising in the use of digital media to promote the benefits of sport to as many people as possible, from increasing participation in sport and recreation to delivering the benefits of elite sport to the whole community through key opinion leader education, role models and effective communication programmes.

We have three fundamental beliefs about sport that underpin everything we do:

  • Sport should be for everyone
  • Sport should be sustainable
  • Sport should be connected

Sport for all

The benefits of sport extend well beyond the promotion of an active lifestyle. Sport has the power to instill strong positive values in those who participate, values like teamwork, determination, sacrifice, humility and leadership.

We believe that as many people as possible in our society should have the chance to experience the benefits that participation in sport can bring. We’re committed to widening participation in - and increasing access to - sport across society, through the sharing of knowledge and experience.

Sustainable sport

Sport today is often seen first as an entertainment business and its health measured by ground attendance, medals tables and broadcast rights dollars. And while we appreciate the importance of growing successful sporting businesses, we also believe that sport can - and indeed should - play a broader role in society.

Sustainable sport is not just about a legacy of healthy bodies, positive values, successful teams and improved facilities. Sport can also be an amazing vehicle for promoting social cohesion and for building, nurturing and sustaining vibrant local communities and a healthy and informed society.

Connected sport

For sport to be sustainable and widely accessible it must foster greater connections between elite and grassroots sport and between sport’s many stakeholders.

We’re using online social networking technologies together with traditional offline programs to help connect the grassroots of sport to the elite and to help connect those who care about sport with each other.