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Volunteers in Sport

handsWithout the support of tens of thousands of dedicated unpaid volunteers, many sports just wouldn't be able to take place. Volunteers are the grassroots lifeblood of sport yet they are often not given the support and resources they need to excel in their important roles. It's simple really - without volunteers there would be far less sport and sport would be less inclusive. Sports Hydrant strongly believes that volunteer organisations should be much more closely aligned with the corporate social responsibility programmes of the corporate sector through the use of technology and reward systems. Through our Evolve (TM) programme we are currently researching the most effective ways of delivering this into the sports sector.

Whether they're driving to-and-from the pool every morning or covering the action as a journalist at the Commonwealth Games, volunteers play a crucial role in supporting the sporting landscape in Australia. Sadly, too often volunteers are under-resourced and struggle to get the support to excel in their role. We're working to make sure that sporting volunteers are recognised for their efforts, rewarded for their contributions and empowered to keep our sporting landscape thriving.

London 2012 - Games Makers

During the London 2012 Olympic Games, much was made of the efforts of the 70,000 strong volunteer force known as the Games Makers. Speaking on BBC Radio Five Live's Sportsweek programme, Lord Sebastian Coe relates a story about one of the volunteers and the spirit of volunteering at the Olympic Games.

Challenges for Volunteering in Sport

To actively promote volunteering as key to the success of sport at all levels.

  • to work towards securing increased profile and resources for volunteer organisations.
  • to help develop more paths into community and grassroots volunteering initiatives.
  • to promote the benefits of volunteering in the coaching environment.

What other challenges do you think we need to address?

Volunteers at the World Masters Games