Sports Hydrant

Testimonial from Senator Bridget McKenzie

As a person who loves to play sport but is in no way an elite athlete, I have really enjoyed participating in the many games being offered by the Parliamentary Sports Group. I am a newer member of Parliament and have appreciated competing with members and Senators towards a common goal which is completely outside the sphere of politics. One classic experience was the introductory AFL match during the Sports festival last year, “finally some real sport” the south western pollies cheer!!! A great day where pollies could compete with and against each other, the emphasis is on fun- competitive natures aside.

There are so many different sports available to train and compete in. The best part is that you can run around, fail, succeed, encourage and burn off some of the frustrations of our day to day work...and find yourself cheering in harmony with the Opposition! Its a reality check- and everyone involved is supportive so forget the fact that you didn’t win the under 15 shotput, got picked last for hockey, never got to the Olympics in high jump, or that Dan T can run faster than you can- look down the list or sports on offer, and have a go- you might find yourself on the same side as John Alexander during tennis, having a contested mark with Dipper or a chat in the goal circle with the Minister for Sport.

Senator Bridget McKenzie