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Politicians and Journos Shoot Hoops for the SSF

Press release from the Sydney Story Factory about the APSC Owls vs. National Press Gallery Netball match on Wednesday 28th November.

"The Minister for the Arts, Simon Crean, and the Minister for Sport, Kate Lundy, joined the real showdown in Canberra today: the much-anticipated netball match between politicians and staffers, and the journos of the National Press Gallery. Warren Snowdon and Bridget McKenzie displayed fine ball skills; journos captained by the inspirational if injured Jacqueline Maley were surprisingly athletic in their coverage of the Parliament House Netball Court. It seems the pollies may have sneaked in a few more goals, but the winner is the SSF – at the end of the game, the Australian Parliament Sports Club presented us with a giant cheque for $3,500. Huge thanks to everyone involved."

The Owls won by the narrowest of margins at 30-29.