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Australian Sport

Sports mad or sports tragic. Either way Australia's relationship with sport is a special one. From Bradman to Laver, Dawn Fraser to Betty Cuthbert there is no doubting Australia's true sporting legacy is its sports men and women. But it's not just the sports stars, it's also the coaches, researchers, sports scientists, medical staff and administrators that have kept Australia at the forefront of sport and delivered a sporting legacy that is the envy of the world. This initiative is about examining the history of Australia's legacy, identifying what has made sport such a key part of Australian lives and of exploring how that legacy can be used for the benefit of future generations.


Our Australian Sporting Legacy challenges:

  • To demonstrate Australia's sporting legacy for the benefit of others
  • To promote Australian sport around the world
  • To continue to evolve the legacy for future generations

What other challenges do you think we need to address?

What's Happening

Australia may be the most successful sporting nation in the world per capita but you are only as good as the next gold medal or world championship. Most people view legacy as physical but the real sustainable benefit legacy bestows is knowledge. The more people who can be beneficiaries of this knowledge the better so it is vitally important that we document and examine the outcomes from this continuing evolution of sporting success and share and collaborate with others to deliver key learnings that we all may benefit from. What is the legacy of the last 30 years investment in successful sport?