Sports Hydrant

London Sport

Britain's Olympic Promise - "Inspire a generation of young people to take part in local volunteering, cultural and physical activity."

London's Sport Promise - "To deliver a grass-roots sporting legacy for Londoners from the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games by:

  • securing a sustained increase in participation in sport and physical activity amongst Londoners
  • using sport to assist in tackling social problems including ill health, crime, academic underachievement and lack of community cohesion.

This initiative demonstrates how you can do it by showcasing real life examples of what's happening in London sport.


Our London Sport challenges:

  • To promote sport and its benefits to all Londoners
  • To help deliver Londons legacy objectives
  • To evolve the legacy of sport and the Olympics for future generations

What other challenges do you think we need to address? Do you think any of these challenges were addressed during and after the 2012 games?

John Coates in 2008, looking forward to London 2012

What's Happening

The legacy of the London 2012 games refers to the imprint they will leave. It is therefore not just what happens after the games, but what we do before and during them to inspire individuals and organizations to strive for their best, to try new activities, forge new links or develop new skills.

London Legacy Goals: -

  1. Get more people active
  2. Transform the sporting infrastructure
  3. Build capacity and skills
  4. Maximise the benefits of sport to our society

This initiative is for the community to have it's say on how it's all going, what's working, what's not and what we are learning as a result.

Have any of these legacy goals been achieved?