Sports Hydrant

Olympic People

The International Olympic Committee website shows that from a world population of 6.5 billion, 4.7 billion watched the 2008 olympic games and the games showcased 13,000 of the world's best athletes. At the London Olympic games there were 70,000 volunteers and many, many more workers, suppliers, broadcasters and sponsors in addition to spectators, TV viewers and of course the athletes themselves. This initiative is about documenting your stories and your experiences as a permanent record of how the Olympic movement touches on the lives of over 70% of the world's population. Connect with others, share with others and collaborate with others to tell your olympic experience and help us all get the most from it.

Your Olympics

Athletes: Describe your life in an Olympic village, your best memories and what you would do differently

Broadcasters and Sponsors: Tell us about life on the inside - did you achieve your objectives

Spectators: I was there - what was it like?

TV Viewers: Why was it so compelling - were there any bad bits?

Volunteers: How good is it - why do you do it?

Workers and Contractors: What's it like to create the biggest event in the world?